Monday, June 30, 2008

Um... Hi

This marks my... what, 7th weblog?  Most of which I don't actually do anything with.

Really, this only exists for the sake of troubleshooting.

Last week, two blogs tried to put Speed Force on their blogroll and ended up with rss.xml appended to the URL, breaking the link (and resulting in lots of 404 hits to /rss.xml/favicon.ico as well!).  One I figured was a fluke.  Two, with the exact same problem?  Had I messed upmyself somewhere where I was trying to promote the site?*

The second blogger told me he'd entered the URL exactly as, but the link turned into  Very strange... butboth blogs were hosted on Blogspot.  I figured rather than try to do tech support, I'd just set up a blog and try it myself.

So that's what this is for: testing. I don't expect I'll post here very often.  Look for me at Speed Force or K2R.

*This did actually happen.  I used to link to K-Squared Ramblings in most of my forum signatures, and I replaced all the ones on comics-related sites with links to Speed Force.  On one, I left the /journal/ directory in by accident.  Fortunately I think only one person clicked on it before I fixed it.